Web Page Design
by Eddie Spicer
(This page is under construction)

I build web pages and I can build one for you. Many Internet providers give free web page space to their customers. If you have space available but you don't know how to build a website, then I can help you. I also have web hosting available if you need a place to host a website.

I divide websites into 3 basic types. Below are links to a description and examples of each type. I have described the websites from a business point of view. However, the same basic layouts and pricing can be used for any type of website whether it by for business or just for fun!

Business Card Website


Fully Interactive Website

Check out the Links and if you have question, contact me at:
webmaster@eddiespicer.com  or  (541) 210-0371.
You'll have a website before you know it!

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